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What’s Data Integrity (and Why Does It Matter in Marketing)?

If you own a digital marketing agency, media publishing company, or handle marketing for large retail brands, you probably rely heavily on real-time marketing data to engage customers. In other words, your marketing and advertising teams often extract, transform, and load data for reporting and predictive analysis.

Whether you use your marketing data for performance evaluation, data visualization, analytics, or any kind of business intelligence, it’s critical to ensure data integrity. In other words, your marketing data must be accurate and valid; otherwise, you’ll get meaningless or misleading insights.

But how is data integrity achieved? Before we look at that and how it matters in marketing, let’s first understand what data integrity means. 

What Is Data Integrity?

Data integrity refers to the overall completeness, accuracy, and consistency of data. In simple terms, it can be defined as ensuring that the collected information is free from errors, consistent throughout different mediums, and covers customers’ end-to-end journey on various devices and platforms. Usually, data integrity is maintained by a combination of rules, standards, and processes implemented during the design phase.

How to Achieve Real-Time Marketing Data Integrity Between Different Platforms?

Real-time marketing data integrity is often achieved with the help of tools like Funnel.io. These solutions place custom real-time tags on multiple websites and apps, tracking customers across their many platforms. The software then curates and harmonizes the marketing data in real-time and presents it to marketers in a way that makes more sense, helping them reach the right target audience more effectively at the right time.

When data integrity is ensured, the company information stored in databases will remain accurate, complete, and reliable regardless of how often it’s accessed or stored. That means marketers will always have access to business-ready data that is sensible. Simply put, they will know what’s driving value and make fast and confident decisions that focus on improving their marketing efforts. The good news is that there are many other alternatives to Funnel that can free marketers from labor-intensive tasks so they can direct their efforts towards activities that help them unleash the true power of performance marketing.

So, Why Is Data Integrity Important in Marketing?

In today’s digital world, successful marketing is all about delivering the correct information to the right customers at the right time and in the right way. And while you probably already know that quality marketing data is a powerful revenue generator, you may not realize how data integrity (or the lack thereof) can affect the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • Quality Data Quality Allows You to Develop Better Marketing Plans

Data integrity allows more predictable results from your marketing plans. In other words, you’ll always be confident of where to put your marketing cash with an assurance for maximum return on investment.

  • Data Integrity Translates to More Precise Analytics

Quality data will always help you get accurate reporting analytics. With these, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing campaigns to target high-value audiences, thus attracting the best customers.

  • Data Integrity Helps Your Budget Better

Improved data quality will help you gauge the performance and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. That way, you’re able to pinpoint where your marketing dollars will have the most impact.

Final Words

Clearly, the importance of ensuring the integrity of your marketing data cannot be overstated. Not only does it help you minimize your marketing dollars but ensure that you get the highest return on investment. Better still, you can find many tools that can ensure the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of your marketing data, with no coding needed.

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