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Creating Your Own Smart Home

With so much of our world being digital, it was never going to be too long before the trend impacted home design. 

Touchless home design is becoming hugely popular and aims to make everyday life at home as smooth and easy as possible. 

So, if you like the sound of touchless home design, here are a few products you should consider investing in. 

Smart Speakers

Of course, a touchless home would never be complete without a smart speaker – or several. After launching in 2014, the advancement of smart speakers has taken the world by a storm; they allow you to play music, set reminders, and manage your home without even lifting a finger. You can even re-order products with the help of your Alexa. 

While Amazon Alexa was the first to launch, most tech giants have now created their own. So, you have your pick of Google, Apple, Sonos, and Facebook. 

Automated patio doors …

Automated doors, like those by evoproducts.com, are the perfect product to make your home a little more like your favorite futuristic TV show. Whether you’re thinking about sliding doors on a spaceship, or the tech-filled home of a secret agent, automated doors are one step closer to living your dream life. 

Patio doors that work on a sensor are great not just for ease of access, but for pets, people living with mobility issues, and seamlessly pairing the inside with the outside. Say goodbye to opening the door constantly for your cat, only for them to decide they didn’t want to go out. Doors can be activated via a phone app or by the collar on your pooch. 

… and interior doors

If you love the idea of automatic doors, why stop there? Sliding doors work just as well within the interior for pocket doors or barn conversions. As you walk up to the door, it’ll automatically open – making you feel incredibly powerful. 

Smart Light Bulbs

Over the past few years, the idea of the smart home has become more and more tempting. But while some products seem a little farfetched, some are pretty useful. Smart bulbs can be turned on and off with an app on your phone – even if you’re not at home. This is great for improving security in your house, as you can make it appear that someone is home while you’re out. 

It’s also ideal for those that read in bed and don’t want to get back out to turn the light off. Smart bulbs can be installed into ceiling pendants, wall lights, and even lamps. Alternatively, you could add them to the exterior of your home so that arriving back at the house isn’t so dark and dreary. 

If you also have your smart speaker handy, smart bulbs can also be controlled by voice. It really couldn’t get easier. 

So, if you’re looking to make your house a little more futuristic, or want to make sure it’s accessible for elderly parents or those with mobility issues, touchless home design is the way to go.

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