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indian economy slowdown

Case Study on Indian economy’s shrinkage of 24% last quarter

Of late, Indian economy news has retained a trending position. There has been a significant Indian economy slowdown in the last quarter, or the...

Ivermectin is of Little Help in Treating Covid but Generic Drugmakers are Cashing In

According to Bloomberg News, Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. had shipped for veterinary use very few amounts of Ivermectin to Russia. However, over the last year,...
Flying Cars

Flying Cars: What and When to Expect

When we think about the future, the first image that comes to mind is a world with odd geometric skyscrapers and cars flying among...
Michael Dell

How Direct to Customer Approach was Instrumental in Dell’s Success?

Among the many success stories of the 20th Century, one story which stands out belongs to Dell Computer. It was started in 1984 by...
economic trends in the US

Economic Trends in the USA amidst COVID of 2020

The worldwide pandemic that hit during March 2020, made a lasting and thorough impact on the economic health of all the countries in the...
what is Capitalism

Who are the Top 5 Capitalist Countries?

Modern capitalism’s root can be found in the widespread colonialism by European nations which started in about the 14th century. It has now become...
New York income tax

An Insight on the New York City Sales Tax & Use Tax

Sales tax refers to that tax that applies to the retail sales of some of the tangible goods and services, whereas Use Tax is...
overnight repo

Answers to Your Questions About the Repurchase Agreement

The Repo Agreement has made a wonderful return after September 2019. It is a part of our economic system that brings in great benefits. You...
Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle is Trending- But Why?

Wondering why the electric vehicle is trending these days? Well, why not? Aside from several benefits they offer, let's catch a glimpse of the...
Why Electric Vehicle

Why Electric Vehicle is trending – Is Electric Vehicle Worth it

With so much hue and cry over electric vehicles, it is not unusual for you to wonder why the electric vehicle is trending these...


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