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Kiara Dawson

Kiara Dawson comes from an Engineering background, with a specialization in Information Technology. She has a keen interest and expertise in Web Development, Data Analytics, and Research. She trusts in the process of growth through knowledge and hard work.


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Quotes on Best Friends

  Happiness is spending time with your best friends. Happiness is reading stories with your best friend.  

Inspirational Quotes on Failure by Drew Houston

  Failure means nothing if you can learn from it. Once you learn, you don't have to be wrong ever again. As said by Drew...

Quotes about growth and change by Ginni Rometty

  If you want to grow and progress, you have to be comfortable with uncomfortability. Hard work, stress, and restless nights can never go parallelly...

Quotes on Happy Team

  A team is group of people who work together to achieve a shared goal. A Happy Team builds a happy product.

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How does an AIRBNB IPO look at the time of Covid-19?

As per reports obtained from a report published on August 20th, 2020, Airbnb has gone ahead with filing confidential documents with SEC or U.S...

Quotes on Happy Friendship

  Happiness is being part of a gang.

Top 5 Computer Components for Your Desktops and Laptops

Computer components are the physical components of your computer, for example, the case or cabinet, monitor, central processing unit (CPU), keyboard, mouse, graphics card,...

Quotes about being yourself and being happy

  Happiness is a choice and life isn't about pleasing everyone. The beauty about living your life is being happy with yourself

10 Market Capitalization Strategies by Steve Jobs to make Apple the best tech company in the world

Steve Jobs, an American businessman, is the face of the popular technology company name, APPLE. It represents generations of users who follow his creative mind....

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