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Coronavirus Coronavirus or Covid-19 is the deadliest virus which first formed in Wuhan, a city in China. The virus slowly started to spread in the whole world and became a fatal virus. Coronavirus killed more than lakhs of people around...
A vegan diet has become quite popular these days. We often hear about someone’s weight loss journey with a vegan diet plan and want to try it immediately. Wait. Think again. Don’t look at veganism with rosy glasses on. Many still...
It is the first thanksgiving for kids when you should start educating your children about it. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude, family, and thankfulness. So, before prepping for the thanksgiving dinner, you should take the opportunity to make your...
Ever wondered what are those miniature, cabbage lookalikes? Well, we are talking about Brussel Sprouts here, and a bowl of these health bombs holds a lot of goodness. They are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and come...
Every year, in the U.S.A, Thanksgiving is observed as a national holiday. This year it will be celebrated on November 26th, which is the last Thursday of this month. Thanksgiving is something, all Americans are excited about. But, what...
Rabbit, also named Rabb.it, was a popular mobile application and video streaming website that came into existence in 2014. Based out of California, US, Rabbit allowed countless users to distantly surf and view the same content simultaneously.  ...
The social distancing and COVID makes all miss movie nights the most. The one question which pops into every individual's mind is, how to watch movies with friends online. Some of the best ways to watch a movie together...
A wallet is one of the most essential accessories for men. So, always opt for the best wallets to get the best user experience. There are different options available in the market but to get the best leather wallets,...
Thanksgiving Dinner is special. It is sumptuous, it is rich, it is luxurious, and it is unifying. However, a dive into the history of thanksgiving food will tell us that the first Thanksgiving was devoid of turkey. Deer and pumpkin were the dishes...
The meaning of Thanksgiving in America is all about quality family time, that sumptuous dinner consisting of all your favorite food, and of course, football isn't it? Naturally, you remain concerned mainly about cooking the turkey and stuffing the...


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