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Be it from the constant struggle of keeping up with the ongoing rat-race for success, or from the family problems, an unhappy marriage, or even congested roads, stress is one of the most common issues being faced by people...
When we say ‘fruits’, most of us tend to go back to the same old choice of apples, bananas, or oranges every week. You are tired of the same sweet taste every day in the morning and on top...
The jackfruit, otherwise known as the jack tree, is a kind of tree that belongs to the family of mulberry, fig, and breadfruit. The jack tree grows best in the lowlands of the tropical regions. It yields the biggest...
The past year took us by surprise when we were confined within the four walls due to the deadly Coronavirus, a pandemic that shook the entire globe. While the virus kept making inroads into households and lives of people,...
Does anything called superfood exist in reality? So, what are superfoods? According, to experts, superfoods are anything that will give you balanced nutrition. So, “Superfood” is only a marketing term.  In other words, we can refer to superfoods as “foods...
Compounds that are not adequately made in the body are referred to as essential nutrients. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), you must get these nutrients from food. Hence, they are required for overall good health, prevent diseases,...
Fish oil, we all know is one of the dietary supplements that we commonly consume daily. The main reason is that it is rich in omega fatty acids which contribute to your general well-being and overall health.  Fish oil is...
If you are looking very much forward to building muscle at home without weight, we are happy to announce that you can do so in many different ways. In fact, the most commonplace question that people ask is how to build...
There are many health benefits that Ashwagandha has. However, the Ashwagandha benefits for men especially look into how you can have a more functional, fruitful, and happy life with a lot of energy. We understand that due to immense work pressure, or some...
What is the Mediterranean diet? The countries surrounding the Mediterranean follow a specific eating pattern which is traditional. There is no need to live in Spain, Italy, or France to practice this way of eating. Many people around the world...


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