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Keto diet, also known as ketogenic diet, is a high-fat, sufficient-protein, low-carb diet that has many resemblances with the low-carbohydrate and Atkins diets. This diet is all about a significant lowering of carbohydrate consumption and substituting it with fat....
Mexican rice

How to Make Mexican Rice?

People all around are busy preparing for Halloween which is on the 31st of October. Along with the decoration, one of the main concerns is what food to serve at the Halloween parties. This article will guide you to...
A rat race consumes the world at the moment. Any device or application that can remotely make a task more comfortable can help those who are always on the go. Pace calculator needs you to enter two variables, and...
What is Self Love?  Before you know how to practice self-love, knowing what is self-love is essential. Self-love is the ability to take a moment to acknowledge your efforts and appreciate yourself well to experience allover growth. With an ever-growing...
  Among all forms of diet, the vegan diet has gained immense popularity in the United States (US) in the recent past. This form of diet is often referred to as veganism. Increasingly people are going for vegan diet. Because,...
People often travel to foreign destinations as Ayahuasca trip. There are mixed reactions to Ayahuasca experience. For some, the immediate Ayahuasca effects are fascinating while for others they are distressing. These anecdotes may be baffling. However, scientists have discovered several health benefits. What...
Wicked Waffle Washington DC is the home of the reborn, made-to-order waffle. Chefs at Wicked Waffle DC bring you a perfected 600-year-old European treat. Wicked waffles are savory, sweet, stuffed, topped, cold, and hot. The Savory menu covers excellent...
It has become even more important to stay fit during the pandemic. Why is it so? During the pandemic, we have been making the utmost use of technology. If you want to meet someone, you make a video call,...
Not so long ago, nutrition experts advised never skipping a major meal. However, these days views have changed and intermittent fasting (IF) – an approach to food timings that involve fasts – anywhere from 14 to 48 hours has...
The global pandemic called Covid-19 is taking its toll and the whole world is struggling to find a way to eradicate this menace. You must have heard about pulse oximeters in the news and Covid-19 is one of the reasons behind it. Now, what is a pulse oximeter? It is a useful...


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