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Are you the type of person who used to think that wearing a watch is an absurd thing to do? You felt like it was useless since you always have your phone with you. It provides almost everything that...
The Speedmaster is probably the most known among the Omega watches. From moon expeditions, this watch proved itself worthy of its fame. Furthermore, the Omega watches lived by what it became famous for precision and accuracy. First introduced in...
Where would we be without Netflix? The streaming giant has supported many of us through 2020’s lockdowns, stay at home orders, and general pandemic-induced ennui. Whether you’re new to Netflix or have had a subscription for a while and want...
Christmas vacation ideas 2020 need to be a little different from the rest of the years. As we all know, the pandemic has put the world to a halt, all of a sudden. Last year, none of us had...
With the advent of the infamous Coronavirus the majority of this year has been downright odd and at many times extremely depressing. With winter approaching fast and the COVID cases rising significantly through the charts, unfortunately, everyone has to...
Rabbit, also named Rabb.it, was a popular mobile application and video streaming website that came into existence in 2014. Based out of California, US, Rabbit allowed countless users to distantly surf and view the same content simultaneously.  How to use...
The social distancing and COVID makes all miss movie nights the most. The one question which pops into every individual's mind is, how to watch movies with friends online. Some of the best ways to watch a movie together...
It is said ‘there are as many texts as readers’, meaning each reader has his/her own reception or reading of a text which is highly subjective and conditioned to the social and cultural environment of the reader. The same...
The tourist who take to the US for tours and travels often get disappointed. The hotels are exclusively lodging or in most cases. So, food, deluxe suits with spas are not available in most cases. The resorts to carry...
Want to be calmed? Beaches are all you need for that experience. Feel the breeze of the ocean sweep your worries away as we bring to you a list of the best five beaches from around the world. The...


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