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The social distancing and COVID makes all miss movie nights the most. The one question which pops into every individual's mind is, how to watch movies with friends online. Some of the best ways to watch a movie together...
It is said ‘there are as many texts as readers’, meaning each reader has his/her own reception or reading of a text which is highly subjective and conditioned to the social and cultural environment of the reader. The same...
The tourist who take to the US for tours and travels often get disappointed. The hotels are exclusively lodging or in most cases. So, food, deluxe suits with spas are not available in most cases. The resorts to carry...
Want to be calmed? Beaches are all you need for that experience. Feel the breeze of the ocean sweep your worries away as we bring to you a list of the best five beaches from around the world. The...
The United States is home to a range of historic and natural attractions. In all, there are 59 national parks in the country. The National Park Service has the sole responsibility of maintaining all these parks for amusement, knowledge,...
The Seven Wonders were first defined as thematic (Greek for 'things to be) by Philo of Byzantium in 225 BCE, in his work On the Seven Wonders. Old seven wonders of the world:      Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt     Hanging Gardens of Babylon     Statue...
During the pandemic when everyone is confined within the four walls of their homes, children are facing a tough time. With no schools to attend, friends to meet, opportunities to interact with neighbours, peers, and visiting the outdoors for...
Celebrating a birthday is a way of thanking God for bringing you to this beautiful earth. You live life to the fullest and your joy knows no bounds while celebrating your birthday. In this lockdown situation, celebrating your birthday...
When it comes to playing board games snakes and ladders is still the most popular one. It used to be a hardboard with dices. But now you will be able to enjoy the same craziness and fun on Google...
The Rise of Free Board Games Apps Board games with their classic tokens, coins, and pieces have for long cluttered our minds. But now, our new world is powered by smart little gadgets on our hands, called mobile phones. These...


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