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Acquiring a degree in social work has its perks. From aiming to improve society in general to ensure people’s well-being, social workers do it all. However, to become a good resource in the social work field, you will need...
Social work exists on a different trajectory than all other professions or occupations. Nothing compares to utilizing your compassion and drive to ease others' suffering. And social workers often do this arduous task while putting their lives at risk....
Etiquette refers to the set of rules which are made to define acceptable behavior in various social situations. Dinner etiquette, thus, refers to the proper manners that should be followed in a formal dining situation, which are called table...
The mandela effect, what is mandela effect, mandela effect examples, mandela effect meaning, Berenstain bears mandela effect, why is it called mandela effect, false memory, confabulation. The Mandela effect defines a phenomenon in which a significant number of people conclude...
Podcasts make use of audio files so that information can be shared by channelling the same through MP3 devices, computers, or any other portable device with the help of which you can hear music.  More and more business entities are...
If you’re planning on moving in with your partner to a new house, then that’s great! After all, moving to a new home allows you and your partner to have a new place to call home. Moreover, this new...
Are you throwing a potluck party? Well, you surely need some help with potluck ideas. These Potluck Meal Ideas are going to improve the mood of everyone. Why do you want to stick to the boring old idea? Let...
Like you all must be aware of, Zuckerberg brought a paradigm shift into this world by contributing largely to social media, by putting together a community to unite people across the world. The invention of a platform to build...
Time travel which means traversing between various points in time — has been popular science fiction fodder for years. Multiple attempts have been made in Hollywood, where we have seen humanity get in a machine and travel forward or...
If you are wondering, whether your life will take a turn after this pandemic or whether this is how the new normal should look like, you should rejoice, because the Envision Festival is yet again up for its rendition next year,...


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