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Are you a small business owner? If yes, you know that you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulder. Starting from managing the finances, keeping track of all the projects on board, communications involved, marketing, and recruitment- You...
Project managers constantly use several tools to keep tabs on the advancement of the projects and also to measure their degree of success. These tools or software are frequently known as project management tracking software. PERT Chart, Gantt Chart,...
Writing a great cover letter takes a lot of effort but is worth the pain. Most of the recruiters give a lot of importance to the cover letter than the resumes. It is very essential when applying for jobs....
Job Hunting can be very tedious. It is very challenging to look for an opening, alter the resume according and fill out the application part. But the most difficult of all is writing an effective and impressive cover letter....
In today's world, everyone is dependent on gadgets. These gadgets are helpful for businesses as well because of the different applications it has in the play store or app store. Even small businesses need to manage their employees, market...
It is commonly said that morning shows the day. So, if you inculcate the organization skills and to manage your budgets right from your school or college days, it will help you in the long-run. As such, using a...
Steve Jobs, an American businessman, is the face of the popular technology company name, APPLE. It represents generations of users who follow his creative mind. His mind-blowing innovations have benefited everything around us be it computers, smartphones, and made APPLE...
What is the secret to become a good manager or make a mark in the organization? The basic secret lies in the repetition of the core skills of Time management techniques. You cannot create by continuously switching to new...
Prioritizing and managing time happen to be the most difficult things for an entrepreneur, especially it is a start-up. However, proper time management strategies not only give you a stress-free schedule but also benefit you with increased productivity as...
As an entrepreneur or an employee have you ever wondered how to increase productivity at work? Why in spite of working so hard and accomplishing so much you still fail to get those projects that would really make your business...


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