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“Want to pacify the angry person? Wait till the silence intervene!” Isn’t it quite exhausting when someone becomes aggressive with all raising voice thing? Especially, when you are trying to solve the situation. So, how do you think this might...
“Feeling low? Put on a smile to bring back the glow!” There are times when we feel a little bit low or somehow due to some external or internal factors, we suffer mood swings. During these foul mood periods, if...
“Struggling with too many options? Cut them to fewer choices!” Isn’t it overwhelming to have too many options? Well, we all know that never goes well. At times, our overthinking leads to stress, then emotional breakdown. That’s a lot to...
“So many things yet so little time? Create a table out of your mind!” Well, this is a really good tip for anyone having time management issues. It is quite tedious for us to prioritize our responsibilities as confusion and...
“Timid and uncertain about yourself? Pose right to boost your inner self!” Sometimes a feeling of uncertainty, incapability was over ourselves whether personnel or personal life. In those times, we are in dire need of a confidence boost. You, yourself...
“Gripping SAD-ness affecting daily chores? Take a walk during the daylight course!” SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), more than the winter blues that last mainly for the winter months. One of the useful ways to effectively manage this winter blues is...
“Too much stress to handle? Write your thoughts on a paper bundle!” Stressor 1…Stressor 2…Stressor 3…Stressor 4 Mental stress is common nowadays. So jot down the stressors in your journal and then close it. You will see how the process works...
“Feeling like breaking something? Break your anger by backward counting!” Backward counting slowly with deep breaths provides a gap in between each unit, giving you a chance to control the aggressive urges. It also gives you time to think about...


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