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What is electrical energy, electrical energy, types of energy, electrical energy formula, examples of electrical energy, electrical potential energy, is electrical energy potential or kinetic, mechanical energy to electrical energy, sources of electrical energy, electricity, static electricity. Moving electric charges...
When we start our discussion about nuclear energy, we should know it is the type of energy that resides in two types of molecules, and the manifestation of that energy is being channelized in the nuclear power plant. It...
NASA recently sent to “another world”, the most advanced and biggest rover ever that landed on Mars after having completed a 203-day journey. The rover traveled 293 million miles which is equivalent to 472 million kilometers. NASA’s Jet Propulsion...
In all likelihood, you have already pondered about what is wind energy. All things considered, let us start with tending to that question. Wind power likewise generally alluded to as wind energy discusses the interaction wherein the actual usefulness of wind becomes...
The Kuiper Belt is one of the largest celestial structures, coming second to only the Oort Cloud, and the heliosphere and magnetosphere of Jupiter. It is believed to be an icy space to exist beyond Neptune. Many trillions of stars are guessed...
The journey of reaching at 5G from 1G, as it was called after the inception of the second-generation networking, is rather a long one – about 40 years to be specific. 1G was beginning to be enjoyed by people from around...
Time travel which means traversing between various points in time — has been popular science fiction fodder for years. Multiple attempts have been made in Hollywood, where we have seen humanity get in a machine and travel forward or...
Black holes are a fascinating phenomenon in our colossal universe. The only way to detect the existence of a black hole in this far-reaching universe is the way a star behaves in close proximity to it. Black holes are...
The human race is not oblivious to the fact that they are responsible for all the changes that our planet had to undergo. With knowledge, came innovation. The urge to make lives more comfortable and easier has left the...
To recognize examples of kinetic energy in your daily life you have to first understand the definition of kinetic energy. You will find that any object that is moving in front of your eyes will possess kinetic energy. As...


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