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What is an API and an Integration Platform? An API (Applications Programming Interface) is a computing interface responsible for the communication and sharing of data between different applications. APIs have changed how businesses operate by connecting applications and facilitating innovation...
Every investor knows the story of the lucky (or smart) folks who got in on the ground floor of companies like Uber, Amazon, and Alibaba. Those startups are known as “unicorns” for a reason: They’re extremely rare among the...
Most people today search on the Internet to save their time and efforts. In 2020, 93% of US consumers searched online for a local business. That's a considerable number. But have you ever questioned why some companies come on...
If you’re considering the idea of selling your car, there are various ways for you to ensure that you’ll get the best deal for your vehicle. Doing so is a must since car selling isn’t just about putting a...
One of the most common types of network security systems is what’s known as perimeter-based defenses. This is the philosophy of securing a network by focusing on making sure that the inside of the network is safeguarded from whatever...
Master basic principles and learn how to create, test and deploy production-ready applications with angular power. Use the built-in test framework to make sure that your code works correctly. Realize the potential of constructing composable components. On the way,...
For several decades, Japanese cars have occupied leading positions in the world’s automobile market. The price to quality ratio makes it if not impossible then really difficult to compete with Japanese manufacturers. These cars have everything: comfortable interior, elegant...
If you own a digital marketing agency, media publishing company, or handle marketing for large retail brands, you probably rely heavily on real-time marketing data to engage customers. In other words, your marketing and advertising teams often extract, transform,...
Oftentimes data from your physical drives get deleted are formatted. The reason behind this abrupt deletion could be a virus attack or the accidental use of shift plus delete. But once the data actually gets deleted, the reason behind...
No doubt technology has impacted almost every sector. From online business to industrial production, almost every sector has seen technical updates. But how technology can be used to reach your target audience in online business. Doing business online has...


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